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about us

The Carlson Toy Library is a unique and special toy library originally created to fulfil a need for Special Needs children. Over the past decade it has expanded to include toys for all children.

The Carlson Toy Library was started in July 1994.  Prior to this, pupils of Carlson School had been able to access the toy library at CCS in Royal Oak.  When that library closed, the Principal of Carlson School, Pam Robinson, hit on the idea  of starting up a community toy library for both Special Needs and local children.

Pam gathered together a small group of interested people to find out if there was any merit in her idea.  This group lobbied  the Ministry of Education for support.  The Ministry agreed to help and purchased a building to house the proposed toy library from Telecom. Funding for this special project was also provided by the ASB Trust and Lotteries Commission. The Kiwanis gave hours of time to help to fit out the library. 

Just 18 months after the first meeting, the toy library was up and running.  The new committee planned  to start with a  membership of 40 families and to slowly build up to 100 families.  In reality, membership started with 60 families, and soon climbed to 100 with another 200 on the waiting list.

The Carlson Toy Library was the third to open in Auckland after West Auckland and Auckland Central. These two were already well established, being at least 20 years old.  Currently, there are more than 30 toy libraries located throughout Auckland.  Today, a small committee of volunteers manages the day–to-day running and future planning of the toy library along with the Toy Librarian.

We are located at 261 St Andrews Road, Three Kings.  Beside the Central Auckland Specialist School (formally known as the Carlson School).